#36 Round Table Smoking Circle Sample Jam

Best guess... this is about 6 or 7 minutes too long, though some estimates went as high as 15. We each found a word, phrase or effect to sample, then used them to jam with live improv keys, in search of that "perfect" alignment of utilitarian consciousness, or... until the blunts nubbed out, which happened about 20 minutes in. Lucky for you the bongos were removed. We might suggest a smoking game tied to the word "relaxation," for maximum entertainment value. Finished in little more than the time it took to record & mix it. We're posting it now, the next day, for the heck of it. Normally, we'd just use the "best" 7 or 8 minutes... you get 21. Good luck. It's best not to think very much about it all. Recorded hours ago.


Round Table Smoking Circle Sample Jam (20:56)

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Anonymous said...

wlfc the most prolific band of the decade? it's between you and acid mothers temple.that post came pretty damn quick.Haven't had time to listen to it yet,i'm still downloading the beast.The metal machine music reference is a tad worrying
looking forward to the aural delights to come

Anonymous said...

more heathen earth than metal machine music methinks.Try opening some windows or you'll never make it to graduation.very cool stuff

We're Late For Class said...

Thanks Scav.

Jeff said...

As I listen to this, I am being hit with negative karma, Um a human zombie is eating my brai....

We're Late For Class said...

Boy, that's a shame.