Sunday, July 15

#3 Galerienmusik

There was a light turnout for this session so we started messing around with ambient stuff and came up with this. There's more of it, too. But, you know how ambient stuff gets after a while. Anyway, it definitely fit the mood, which was herbacized and pizzafied exactly at the right temperature. We were going to call this Nautically Astounded, but nobody wrote it down so we forgot about it. We've been piping a low volume tape of this into Shelly's room every night for the last week while she's REMing @ 4am and she keeps wanting to hear it during the day. We're conducting more experiments. We ended up renaming this and giving it to The Cadence Art Gallery. One of the guys there said it weirds people out. We're trying to talk them into opening a "Projexts Room" so we could do some live recordings with those wood floors and high ceilings. Recorded live.


Galerienmusik Pt. 1 (9:04)
Fukhausen (Excerpt) (2:22)
Galerienmusik Pt. 2 (14:22)

Free Download

Something else...
Stolle & Member VS.
We're Late For Class
In The Gallery (9:38) (October '07)

Our new pals Stolle & Member have "collaborated" with us! They used "Galerienmusik Pt. 2" as a bed and overdubbed some of their madness to create "In The Gallery," a meeting of minds that have never actually met. You can get it at Stolle & Member's emptyblaukraut page, where you can check out all the cool stuff they do for free.


Anonymous said...

High there,
we made an overdub of "Galerienmusik Pt. 2". Take a look on our site.
Have fun and enjoy
Stolle & Member

We're Late For Class said...

Fantastic guys,
Can't wait to hear it.
We'll post it here ASAP.

We're Late For Class said...

We jammed with these guys? I know I was stoned but I just don't remember a thing. How were we? How were they? I need to start paying more attention. MD

We're Late For Class said...

Just downloaded it. Great! Can't believe they immediately added the "yooouuuuu" chimes and tinkles at the beginning. They haven't been dipping into Rudy's stash have they? I'm STILL diggin' Stolle & Member's Gojira, and I see they've got a bunch more music over there to now, too. - Lonnie

stolle said...

Hey, cool you liked it. We got lots of unfinished stuff crying for some overdubs, will post some after having recovered from our gig yesterday. We think it a cool way working together like this, maybe we started something here...
luv, stollllllle

We're Late For Class said...

Cool. Maybe we'll actually get some overdubbing done. We keep trying to overdub our own stuff but we always end up tossing in a new tape and playing live. We try... it just never works.

We're Late For Class said...

Yeah... let's do some S&M stuff. Shelly

We're Late For Class said...

We were singing high pitched "In The Gallery"s all day. We got hooked. Shelly

We're Late For Class said...

"In the Gallllereeeee"

smithma7 said...

what's so funny? (Pt. 1)

We're Late For Class said...

We're not sure.